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Cesar nodded, "we're heading down South toward Wester Wall." You and Cry went quiet as the two of you just stared at him. "You know?.... Wester Wall?... The small town only fourteen or so miles away from here?," asked Cesar. You heard Cry take a small breath about to say something and quickly elbowed him in the stomach. He grabbed his stomach as you quickly said, "oh, we're not from around here." Cry whispered in a low voice to you, "I was going to say that..." Cesar nodded again still a bit confused, "oh, ok.. So, where are you two from then?"  "Canada," you said only a second before Cry decided to say, "England." Cesar let out a whistle as he said, "British Canadians...I'm not buying it." Andre called back from the driver's seat, "me either... Telling the truth is about the only thing people can have nowadays. And if you decide to "
Cesar nodded, "so, can I ask ya'll again.. Where are you two from?"
"The Untied States," Cry finally answered.
"Now that's better! But, exactly where in the Untied States?" Cesar said smiling.
"A state..."
"Yea, but what state?"
Cesar started at him for a second with a confused look on his face. Finally Cesar asked, "then what the hell are you doing here in Utah?" "Ummm...." Cry stuttered pretending to fix his mask. "We were on a plane ride before anyone knew about the... The.. 'infestation'," you added hoping Cesar would stop asking questions. ".... But, the airlines shut down even before anyone knew about them... You know, when everyone thought it was just a sickness.." You looked at Cry hoping he would know what to say. "Yes, sir. We know that. We were on a small private plane heading to Alaska when the pilot had a heart attack and died," Cry said a bit of confidence in his voice. You looked over at him surprised he had come up with something so quickly as you thought to yourself, 'what does he think he's doing?'. "Sounds a bit far-fetched," Andre commented. "Cesar, are you sure we should trust them?" Andre asked.
"Of, course. They're people too. Just trying to do the same thing we're doing. Survive," replied Cesar.
"I don't trust them... On another note, Cesar, do you have any extra ammo?" Andre growled.
"Sir, we're completely trust-worthy!" Cry quickly added.
"How do we know that?" Andre challenged Cry.
Cry raised his voice again as he spat back at Andre, "we don't have anything! No guns! No ammo! No food! No nothing! We don't want any trouble." Cesar nodded, "see, Andre. They're just like us." Andre let out a sarcastic laugh as he scoffed, "we're not wearing masks." You looked at Cry who was crossing his arms probably offended. You felt bad for Cry and decided to speak up. You finally spoke up, "instead of fighting can you just shut up and just drive?" Cesar stared at you surprised and after a second started laughing, "yea, listen to the girl." Andre let out a huff of air as he quieted down.


After a bit longer Andre spoke up, "we've reached the Wester Wall town limits." Cesar nodded and smiled at you and Cry, "good, it's just a bit longer." Cry nodded, "good." Wester Wall didn't even have the right to be called a 'town'. Even before the infection it was nothing more than a few shacks of homes and stores. The most disturbing part was, there was more corpses than actually buildings. After a minute more Andre turned down a small dirt road and drove the van up to a small abandoned warehouse of sorts, "we're here." Andre parked the van and quickly got out muttering to himself. Cesar sighed as he opened the back of the van and got out, "I wonder why he's being so hard-headed today.." Quietly you and Cry followed behind him as he escorted you up to the building. You slowed your pace for a second and tugged on the back of Cry's shirt so he would do the same. As Cry slowed down he asked, "what is it?" "Are you sure we should stay here?" you asked looking around. You didn't know anything about Cesar, Andre, or anyone else who might be in the warehouse. You had to face the cold and hard truth, Andre could pull a gun out on Cry and you in a split second right time you walked in the warehouse. Then again all of this could be just a dream. Maybe you had a bit of alcohol yourself, and all of this was a dream.
You couldn't let yourself think that way.
Cry shrugged, "I don't know.. Cesar seems like a trust-worthy guy.."
You nodded, "Yea. But, what about Andre?.."
"I don't know. But, I don't trust him either. Let's just stay near Cesar."
"Agreed," you said with a nod ending, the small conversation. The two of you nodded at each other and quickly caught back up with Cesar. Cesar looked back at the two of you, "once we're inside just follow my lead." With that the man walked inside leaving you and Cry to follow after him.


I looked from ____ to the door way as I offered to go through the door first, "maybe, I should go first." _____ shook her head, "it doesn't matter." I nodded and took a step in front of her, "good. Then, I'll go first." I knew exactly what I was doing..

Putting my life at risk.

For all I knew someone could be holding a gun ready to fire it at my head right time I walked inside. From what I know, people will go crazy during an apocalypse and will do anything to survive or eliminate any competition. I took a small breath and walked inside. Four people were inside. Andre, Cesar, and two other people. One of the two people I did not know was a woman with short blonde hair, blue eyes, and looked in her late twenties. The other person was another man who looked similar to the girl, very short blonde hair and blue eyes. Both of which were talking to Andre. I quickly had a second to scan my surroundings. Well, they didn't have a bad set up. Sleeping bags to the left side of the warehouse and, supplies to the right. "Speaking of the demons, here they are," Andre said glaring at me. I narrowed my gaze underneath the mask as I heard ____ finally walk in behind me, "once again we don't want any trouble." The man I didn't know let out an awkward dry laugh as he commented, "these are the two 'bums' you ran into on the street."
"Hey! We're not bums!" _____ protested behind me.
"Eric, you know I was just rambling about nothing," Andre said quickly to the man.
"Sure.. They don't look bad. They could be useful. Don't you think so Alex?" Eric asked.
The woman rolled her eyes as she asked, "does it even matter?" Eric shook his head, "no, because I'm the leader around here and your older brother." Alex nodded, "exactly." I just stood there staring them, as Cesar introduced us, "This is ____ and Cry." Alex raised an eyebrow ask she asked, "I assume Cry is the guy. So, yea. What's with the mask?" 'She's that know-it-all bossy bitch isn't she?' I asked myself as I simply replied, "I like it."  
"Weird. Anyway, I'm Alex and that's my brother Eric," she said pointing to Eric.
"We kind of guessed that," _____ commented.
"Good for you," she said with a fake clap.
Clearly ______ and Alex didn't like each other. Cesar looked at Eric, "anyway, the bandits shot at us again." "Again?..." asked Eric.
"Yes. I don't know why," muttered Cesar.
Eric nodded, "supplies. I'm guessing."
Andre said once again seeming to want a fight, "____ and Cry could be spies." Quickly Eric turned to look at ____ and I, "Maybe I need to talk to you...." I knew he was talking about me. By the looks of it, it wouldn't end well.
Next: Part 5!
Sorry, it's been so long. In between vacation and writer's block..
Let me know your thoughts on this series in the comments!~
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